Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Revisionist thoughts on Reva

Coming to ease you into the death.....
So a fair few more Reva games under my belt, a pair of small tournament wins, and in all honesty I’ve come to the conclusion that she is pretty rude.

Like in your face offensive. I feel this will certainly lessen a large amount when people are aware of her schtick, which is horrid damage at range, but at the moment, she is just plain rude.

Managed to only lose her once so far (there has been a few close calls though!!) through a fool-hardy charge and forgetting about Bete Noire. But outside of that game and some of my early ones, she will happily kill a master or henchmen a term (given good cards, or if you have Yin’d them first).  
I’ll briefly chuck down some revised thoughts on Reva’s loadout and the use of Vincent as well as going through my usual (and really only) go-to picks that support her.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

GG2016: Application of Reva for murder-use

Going to do a quick spiel on Reva and how she rolls with schemes and strats, some of this will obviously be theory-faux as I certainly have not had a chance to try all of them out with her yet.

I will note a ‘generic’ build for her that I’d probably use a lot, with swap outs depending on what is required.

Blood Mark (although have found I haven’t been using this a lot)   1
One of the 2 limiteds (always make an allowance for this)               1
Maniacal laugh (still actually not used this)                                      1
Vince                                                                                                  8
Deal with Death                                                                                 1
My Little Helper                                                                                 1
Carrion Emissary                                                                               10
My Little Helper (can be swapped to yin if needed)                          1
Yin                                                                                                       8
+ve to disengage                                                                                  1
Shield Bearer                                                                                        6
Shield Bearer                                                                                        6
Necropunk                                                                                            5

So that is 50 stones on the nose, but in all honesty I’d be tempted to drop man-laugh and the upgrade on Yin to have 6 in the cache, both Reva and Vince can really make use of the stones to not die.

So I’ll just go over GG2016 as that is what we mostly play in our parts, but if you guys want thoughts on any of the book strats or schemes, by all means let me know!

Also will rate them like a did the Hoff article, with Poor/Good/Great. First one will be good to score points off of, 2nd one will be to stop opponent scoring points. So a Poor-Good would mean poor at scoring points, but good at blocking them.

Extraction: So this is about bullying people in the middle and stopping the opponent moving it to their side. With Shieldbearers being oddly survivable, Yin in to be a pain..and if you’re feeling saucy, you could swap the Emissary out for Izamu, you’ll easily win that contest. But this is true of most killy masters. Great-Good

Interference: Not bad as in all honesty she can be the ‘home base’ holder, while still being able to effect a lot of the board. Her ability to be able to get some ‘out of reach’ bodies (hounds, night terrors etc) is good, that

Friday, 2 September 2016

Miami-Vince: "Corpse Runnin"

Well after the essay-esque Reva gushing that was the last article, I’ll try and keep this one down a little bit more in the realms on not-craziness. (after rereading this article..this attempt was failed..)

So I’ll finish off Reva’s box *snigger* talking about Vince, Shield Bearers and a general upgrade that works wonders with Vince.

So first up, Vince, or Beef Cake as I like to call him (just look at that model), is Reva’s thematic Henchman, and…in all honesty, a huge part of her fluff, but I’ll let you home readers have a squiz at that yourselves.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Brief thoughts from a Reva-ing lunatic…

So, Ressers, known for generally having hard to wound, summoning in spades and a reliance on poison and .50cal flintlocks…..  Enter Reva, and her thematic crew.

Now I will note before I get into this, I’m not at all a Ressers master, not in the slightest. I’ve mainly been a good little Guild drone up until a brief dalliance with Schill while awaiting Reva to come out.

So over the last week I’ve had 3 games with her, a 8-8 draw, a 7-7 draw and a 10-(we called it) win, so I will give my thoughts on Reva and how she plays, coming from a Guild player (and filthy Sonnia lover…)

First up if we look at her card. Her Df is pretty shite for a master, Wp is good, Wds  are solid and her Wk is completely terrible given she is on a horse. Her Cg of 10, with a 3” melee range certainly does help though! Ht 3 is also the magic number for playing all the stupid and naff LoS shenanigans game.
For front of card abilities, we have Unimpeded, because you’ll be taking that 13” charge-threat if Reva really wants it.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

RoF Musings PT1: 10 Thunders

Below I've got attached some thoughts from the FCMSC's resident 10T players (I believe between both of them they have...like...maybe 10 games under their belts) and I feel most of their thoughts are pretty spot on, and I always enjoy what people think about new stuff. Also I will warn you, it is a big read, so get a coffee sorted, a comfy chair set, or head to the loo while at work....

Asami Tanaka and her glorious Oni underlings 
By Corey Leslie

Asami: Living, Oni master who looks like she is going to be all kinds of fun to play, but take some effort to master.
Stats: DF7 – handy, as she has no df triggers and relies of Hard to Kill
WP: 5. Wounds: 10 – little low considering her survivability is on the soft side, especially when her summoning mechanic taxes her wounds. WK 5 Cg 6: More than what I expected for a summoner, just given she plays more midfield, not unsurprising.
Rush of Magic – draw extra card, discard a card. Always handy.
HtK – handy
Wrath of the Oni – Oni within 4 deal 1 damage for a 1AP charge action – her basic mechanic to allow summoned models to charge on the turn they arrive and before they die from flicker. Handy, but healing will be needed in the lists.
Attack Action:
Another Mouth to Feed: MI6 with built in mask. 2/4/6 damage is nice. Built in trigger for the push. The crow trigger is situational at best, but hilarity will ensue when it happens – target takes a TN 11 Ht duel. If fails, it dies unless you discard 2 cards.
Reaching Tendrils: Ca6 with mask. TN12. Rg8, Target is pushed into base contact. Handy for bringing models closer for any summoned Oni 1AP charges.
Tactical Actions
0AP – Insatiable Hunger: Ca6 TN12 – discard all markers within 2 and heal two damage for each marker. Helps with her losing wounds to allow the 1AP charge, but savvy opponents will just keep scheme markers away from her, so you are spending ap to drop markers to heal her. Probably better ways – low river monk, etc. (To me this will tie in really well with Heavenly Design, as your models drop scheme markers. - Nick)
1AP Oni Strenght – Ca6 Tn 12, Target Oni or minion gains Focused +2 – can see this being used a bit by some models (early game Katanaka Sniper hits, beefing Jorogumo, hell, even on herself!)
1AP From the Maw they Come: Her bread and butter. The summon mechanic. Minions only (Jorogumo are minions…with no rare restriction ;) ), TN is 10MM plus the soulstone cost of the minion. Has a built in mask so you either need to flip/stone/cheat for the other. I really only see me summoning the lower cost minions (more on this later), and hiring the hire ones, such as the Jorogumo. The naturally come in with Flicker 1, but can go up to Flicker 3 if you happen to have near by scrap/corpse to dispose of.

1ss: Feigned Weakness: Extra summoning based on VP. Basically, if at the end of turn 2 the VP has you up by 2 (say 2 – 0), the Asami can summon in a minion Oni. The catch is that the total ss cost of the summoned model must be equal to or lower than the difference in VP + 3. Funnily enough, there are Oni minions in the ranges of

Thursday, 28 July 2016

So a Korpsmann, a Trapper and a Trunk walk into a bar....

Welcome back (or hello anew) to my Schill simmerings...

So last article I jotted down some of my thoughts on old mate Schill and how he opts to shake his money maker in the city of 'faux. I must say I got some fantastic opinions and tactics over on AWP that have certainly made me think deeper about 

Steam Trunk:

Von Schill's ubiquitous side kick, apparently with 'pet-like intelligence'.

Any way, the steam trunk is the logical next choice given it is his totem. Aside from this guy being a pain in the arse to build, he seems to be decently solid 3SS utility piece. I feel that 2SS would have been too cheap, but 3 is maybe a little too much, also I don’t this it would of broken the game to give him the Freikorps attribute.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Schill-out dick wad.... (early musings on Von Schill)

Hey all,

May have a spare 10 minutes on coffee break at work, so thought I'd pop down some thoughts on Von Schill within outcasts.

Coming from Guild, I want to say that the Freikorps shooting fun-ness got me into them, but in all honesty it was the Prussian/WW1 German theme that I could run with in a modelling sense that made me pull the trigger (so much pun intended)...but I digress.

Will probably only have time to talk about the man himself this article, so bear with me.

(I'll also note, my games have been predominantly with his thematic crew or 'Freikorps' models)

First up, with a cache of 1, 12 wounds and no defensive triggers, Von Schill would have to be one of the softer 'melee masters' in the game.