Thursday, 24 March 2016

Mikecon Pt 1

So had my first Kings of War tournament on Saturday and it was an absolute ball!!

Pic by Michael Crossman

First off I’ll run through some basic crap. Before the the tournament I’d played a grand total of 3 KoW games. A 1500pter against a bloke called David Bliss, undead vs undead slap off.

2nd game was a 4 player team match with some mates. Was Mitch and Rylie running very wood-elfish Elves and a very punch happy varangar army. Allied with me was Matt with a big lot of Kingdoms of men horses and a mounted hero. Was a good game, we ended up calling a draw as it was getting late..but oh boy where Matt’s dice on fire that night -_-..

3rd game was against Matt, and it turned into just a big ole brawl in the centre which is always good fun.

Ok back to the tournament.

It was called Mikecon, run by the lovely and overtly sexy Michael Crossman. Was 2k points, allies allowed.

I took with me:
Regiment of Soul Reaver Cav w/ Potion of the Catepillar

Horde of Zombies w/ Undead Dogs
Horde of Skele Spears w/ Undead Dogs
Legion of Zombies w/ Undead Dogs and +1 to hit
Horde of Were Wolves w/ + 1 Crushing Strength

Troop of Ghouls
Troop of Ghouls

Liche King w/ Heal, Bane Chant, Fireheart Amulet
Liche King w/ Surge and Heal
Vamp lord on Dragon w/ Armour

Now for those not into KoW, not much of that will make sense, but is essentially a big line of fodder with some strong flankers.

I will give a quick run down of the games (as best my memeory can serve, I also apologise in advance for any run downs being incorrect).

First game was against the man behind Mikecon himself, Michael, he was rocking the very lauded postion of gumby as we had a late pull out *snigger*.

Can't tell you exactly what he had, but it was whoever the Brets are in KoW (one way or the other..they army was bloody stunning!!).
It was something like:
Horde of knights 
Regiment of knights
Horde of Footmen
Horde of Footmen
Regiment of Archers
2 Trebs
Mounted Scouts
some 'Robin Hood' archers
Inspiring Wizard (Mounted)
6+ BSB (Mounted)
Regen Hero fella (Mounted)

Didn't take any picture's so I apologise for being slack there.

The mission was Invasion I believe.

It had a lot of back and force action I must say, with some very lucky rolls on my behalf. I feel the game was sort of one and lost on my right flank with with my Skele's failing a surge into the knight unit, them charging in, hurting the hell out of the skellies, opening up a flank and my werewolves managing to over run an individual and then hit the knight's flank, which didn't break the unit, but did help.

I must say Mike was a great opponent and showed a tremendous amount of patience with my blundering through the game and truly terrifying amount of inane questions and "oh shit I forgot X, do you mind if..." moments.

By the end of the battle I'd learnt a whole host of new things (like...counter charging is probably better than charging if you are going to be going through a forest). I also found that the ghouls really paid off as cheap disposable chaff. It was really handy being able to throw them infront of something annoying to protect my flank for a turn.

Managed a pretty tidy win with Mike only having some mounted scouts in my board half while I had some where wolves, liche kings and Vamp-ragon floating about on his. (I would also attribute this to Mike not going too hard on me or taking thanks for that dude!)

So good game thanks man!!

Will get the next three brief battle run downs up soon.

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